A sliced woman. Freely.

“Looks can be deceiving “

Do you know the magic trick, when the woman is inserted into a box and sliced? Well, it’s not a trick: it’s called LIFE.

But let’s take a closer look to the situation: a man is given a pretty woman acting all smiley on the stage, and then comes the guy and folds her into a box. Sure, sure, she keeps smiling and it seems she’s agreed on that and its according to her own will as well … And only then begins the REAL show. The Honorable Wizard spins, rotates the young lady in the box, until she believes that everyone is paying attention to her, and it is actually comfortable and warm in the box.

And what comes after that? The saw! He starts to slice the beloved assistant. First, he thinks he only has to whisk the wand, then she becomes two, who are still able to move their limbs and able to smile, of course. Naturally, the magician gets the applause for the attraction. Then comes the twist and she is suddenly divided into four women, all of them looking graceful and all natural, because it leads to the Wizard’s success again.

Is it only me who feels the resemblance? A woman falls apart so that the man would get all the success and during the whole process she is smiling and makes this look so easy, like this isn’t a big deal, like this cannot happen in any other way. But where did she make the mistake? That she let herself split into different parts? These can be the woman, the wife, the mother, the housekeeper, the co-worker, the friend … and so on – but you know anyway, what different roles you are taking every day.

Or was this an earlier mistake? Should she has gone into that box with such a happy smile? But if not, then why do we do this? Because everyone tells women that our places are in such boxes, in such relationships?! Once we get there, the slicing becomes normal, doesn’t it?

After so much deliberation, I found my answer in solving the real magic trick. More women are hiding in such boxes. As, just like in most of us, there is a loving naive little girl and a dirty lover, a quiet companion, a hard-working woman and a thousand other roles we have to play. Because, the truth is, behind every successful magician’s great life, there lies an assistant sliced into pieces…

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