I dreamt a world for myself

People getting close to 50 or those who already passed this age, say that they feel like the time has come for slowing down. Younger ones may feel like this is natural at that age.

Well, no. We are still on top of our power, we have reached our professional potential, we are at our places, our children are already teenagers, being more or less capable of getting along on their own. Our private and vocational relationships are wide, moreover, we even have time for volunteer jobs, or maybe we proceed in them like we would do second shifts.

All in all, the machine is tramping, and there is no time to rest.

There goes the saying, everyone has time for what everyone wants. If we really think about this and we are being honest, we can find that this is so true. It’s just that everything is more important, so in case we plan a leisure activity, a burden somehow suddenly appears and it becomes the reason we decide that we still have time for that very certain thing, but later.

My life gave me many opportunities this last month, that, after I enjoyed them to their fullest, I found they were worth to ask myself the following questions:

Why can’t/don’t we want to plan these joyful and energy filling activities into our lives? What is this rush for, really? Why don’t we deal with our health more? We give our maximum, to make the most money, then we are soon obliged to give this very same money to the doctors. Why don’t we let ourselves rest, enjoy life, flavors, the pretty things or our human encounters?

I am truly thankful for my fate for giving me some recharge time and I owe myself a high-five, since, according to Dr. Emőke Bagdy: „Happiness is the road of possibiblities we have worked for.” I could feel like, if I wanted to, that these opportunities have simply fallen onto my lap. But no, I worked hard for them.

Meanwhile others watch Sulejman at home, I work for our organization’s local and nationwide interest-guarding operations. While others leave early from one conference and again, from another, I stay there and build relationships, enquiring and getting information. While others cook dinner, I go to the gym.

My husband’s been suffering a serious pain in his limbs for months by the time his employer convinced him to go to the company doctor and get himself checked. He got such a serious wreck in his condition, that can be cured only up to 60%. And he is only 40 years old. Delaying the issue was his decision, because who would have worked instead of him…

Well, that’s one way of thinking, we can sacrifice our lives and our families on the altar of work, but it surely takes it’s revenge. And, in the end, we don’t only screw up ourselves, but those as well we are held responsible for.

With our choices we influence our own lives, whether we like it or not.

Many people – maybe through no fault of themselves – do not have that fighting strategy, that could make them be able to control their lives. And many others realise it too late throughout their busy lives that they should have done something in a different way. Our bodies are going to let us know, sooner or later, that we should hold our horses, or that we should live with more activities and more consciencusness.

It’s important to find the balance in time, because prevention is always easier, than overcoming the already evolved physical-mental issues.

Kék Nő

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