„I make this look GOOD!”

That’s how the all-known, classic saying goes, remember? Let me bring your memory back, in case this doesn’t click right away to you, like it does to me: Men In Black, 1997, J says this to Z once he gets his „accessories”… Don’t get all wound up, but seriously, being in a relationship should NOT (always) be a drama, a slobbery Kleenex story or even a ridiculous teenage movie! Let’s stick to the fun, goofy and sometimes even laughing-so-hard-about-to-pee-in-our-pants parts of this great journey!

My Hubby and I get along wonderfully, once we have decided that „we”ll make this a good one!”. This means, that the nights are ours: we are both taking a (short) break from nightshifts, from parents and friends, from hobbies and even from housework during that time. Yep, this certainly means less sleep as well, but hey, nothing’s for free in this world, right?

So our „nights off” usually start on our porch: it’s freaking cold suddenly, so we both look like some homies, wearing scarves, big coats, warm socks, sometimes even a blanket (looking good in dolphins, Sweetie!) having our teas ready and (surely ashamed bec’ of this, still) cigs. We are freezing on the wooden chairs, so we walk round and round and so the Freakshow starts! Since we both are about to die from the diagnosis „rotflmao” (not sure if this is an official cause of death yet, but we are about to get it authorized soon), he and I agreed to share the funniest conversations or sentences WE think you might enjoy as well…

H.: Katie, is it Tuesday OR Wednesday today?
I: It’s THURSDAY, Honey!

I: I think we should kill her. She seriously drives me nuts!
H.: Fine! So what did you say her address was?

H.: I decided NOT to take this job offer!
I: Fine, then don’t. Just let me know, why exactly?
H.: I CAN’T shave everyday, that’s just NOT me! I will grow pimples!! Plus, you are NOT allowed to smoke! Can you imagine THAT?

I: Do you know what OCD means, Honey?
H.: What?
I: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
H.: Oh! Makes sense… I think I got THAT.

I: This scream-jar idea’s really cool. It would be even BETTER if YOU and my SON would start swearing as well sooner or later…
H.: Mouhahaa. You’re BEAT.

H.: You are taking this relationship seriously now, I can tell.
I: How?
H.: You sent me on Facebook the recipe what I should cook tomorrow for dinner… Thinking of your tummie, huh? BUSTED!

I: Honey, remember that sweet dog at the car-repairman’s place?
H.: Yeah…
I: I was about to melt… He peeked at us, looking all shy, then he slowly came closer and the way he smelled our legs… Wow…
H.: I think I need one. What was the breed again?
I.: The cutest ever, agree… It was a Steffordshire Terrier.

H.: So who’s singing that song you listen to again and what’s the title?
I: Joci Pápai. ”Flood”.
H.: Wow. That b_st_rd gypsy made a really cool song…
I: STOP being such a racist! Gypsies are only GOOD at music, DON’T YOU KNOW??

I: Honey, please stop talking about ghosts to my son.
H.: But I do believe in them! I even SAW one when I was a child!! Should I LIE to him, or what do you want??!!

I: So, where are you going tomorrow morning?
H.: To visit my parents…
I: Oh, great! Once you get there, you’ll see: you’ll have such a great time!
H.: Yeah. Like, I am part of this family, so I gotta go… Same old story: „We need some money”…
I: Why don’t you tell them to get you some as well, once they found someone who actually HAS money??

I: You are NOT allowed to make coffee again, Honey! I almost died from drinking it…
H.: Yeah, ’cause THAT’S what I call COFFEE, instead of your coffee-smelling-hot-water, Babe.
I: Yeah, love you too, Boo.

So, just hang on loose, do NOT suck it up, you are NO buttercup! Enjoy the scene mentioned above:


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